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Agata Krolak


Posters designed between 2009-2012 ( one of them participating in the 23rd Poster Biennale in Warsaw )

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Reissue of the NYCTA Graphic Standards Manual 

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"Dedicated to Massimo Vignelli, Bob Noorda, and the Unimark staff."

Check the Kickstarter project here:  kickstarter.com/

Check the manual online: thestandardsmanual.com/

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Improvisation, the most distinctive quality of jazz, sets it apart from other musical genres. Makes it truly magical. Grants it its transient nature, so a piece can’t be heard in the same way twice. It may be better or it may be worse the next time, but it won’t be the same. It is a unique experience. To create a visual solution that is based on this principle I designed a graphical system that generates itself influenced by the music. If the shape of the elements mutate as dictated by the music, it will too provide the viewer with a unique experience.


I distributed the different hertz values among the letters of the word „LAMANTIN”. Every time a certain value is sounded, the corresponding character springs into motion. The movement’s intensity is dictated by the volume of the note.

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Artist: Oskar Schlemmer
in: Das Neue Frankfurt, No. 3, 1926-1927


Artist: Oskar Schlemmer

in: Das Neue Frankfurt, No. 3, 1926-1927

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Pedro Javier Arbelaez


Terminal - Restaurant & Bar. Branding designed by Eszter Laki, Budapest Hungary.

Architecture, interior design by 81font

Graphic design by Eszter Laki

Icons by Ákos Polgárdi
Photography by Balázs Glódi

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Shakespeare Book Covers
by Sarah Strandoo



nem tudtok egy kedves embert, akinek van egy A2-es szkennere két-három óra erejéig?

Nem szeretnék egy városi fénymásolószalonban egy barbár sráccal oldalanként kétszáz forintért szkenneltetni, az a helyzet. A segítségért finom száraz vörös- és fehérborokat tudok felajánlani. Meg csokit, bár ki az, aki ebben a helyzetben a csokit választaná?

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Hungarian Design Year
by Adam Katyi